On the Hearty Side

kansas city style-tabasco and coffee “smoke-braised” beef long rib with herbed picnic slaw, heirloom cornbread cake

seared yellow fin tuna, miso glazed oyster mushrooms, persian black rice, daikon radish and shiso leaves (GF)

roasted lamb tenderloin with pomegranate glaze, labneh whipped pomme, coriander and herb salad (GF)

sautéed cauliflower steaks, tahini béarnaise, and olive oil poached golden beets and thyme (V, GF)

Mediterranean, from the Sea

pan seared diver scallops, caramelized fennel and fire-kissed tomatoes and castelvatrano olives (GF)

zucchini soulvaki and kale salad with marinated english cucumbers and chickpeas, feta and oregano (V, GF)

greek-style, whole oven-baked branzino with sweet garlic, sautéed spinach and charred lemon (GF)

“one-pot chicken and potatoes” celery, rainbow carrots, russet potatoes and tarragon (GF)


*All menus are designed to be shared or served “family style” and are subject to change*