With Health in Mind

rainbow fruit salad with citrus-honey dressing and fresh mint (VV, V, GF)

sweet garlic and charred leek quiche with caramelized red onion (V,GF)

cranberry and almond granola bites, with a yoghurt cup (V, GF)

“bagels and lox” alaskan king salmon, creme fraiche, capers and dill

“morning hummus” with a 7-minute egg, crusty signature sourdough and seasonal herbs


huevos rancheros burrito, mexican smoked chorizo, cumin home fries, salsa verde, and tomato crema

“o.g. chicken-in-a-biscuit” with golden potato hash patty and red pepper hollandaise, chopped tarragon

signature savory oats, 8-hour braised hen with “M|T family chili sauce” sautéed seasonal veggies (GF)

louisiana shrimp and heirloom grits, with roasted bell pepper trio and seared andouille sausage medallions (GF)


*All menus are designed to be shared or served “family style” and are subject to change*